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I guess we’ve all been there. Desperately tried to convince someone of our point of view. We certainly have. Many times. And most films, live broadcasts, events, podcasts, emails, Facebook posts, text messages and even verbal conversations all have that in common.


At Mbrace, our expertise is video in many forms. It’s what we know, but it’s not the most important thing in communication. What’s important is that the underlying factor for all successful communication is bringing individuals closer to each other.


Unfortunately it’s rare. More often communication is just one side trying to convince the other. We’ve been in a lot of meetings where a company or a public department told us that they need to get their message out.


That approach doesn’t cut it anymore. If it ever did.


Lots of films, live webcasts, and recorded town hall meetings simply aren’t being watched. And if they do find an audience there are decent odds that people won’t remember what was being said. Films might be appreciated by some of the audience (which will be highlighted internally) but it´s unclear how that audience will contribute to the original purpose of the communication effort.




Often because the message was “sent out”. Successful communication doesn’t happen when a message is sent out. It happens when the message is taken in. Taken in by someone that reacts, understands, sympathizes, gets interested, inspired, or even influenced to take a first step towards changing something.


Everyone has a different perspective.


Trying to bring people closer to each other is our philosophy, to get messages in instead of out.


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Video is the new text


Organizations today need to use video for all kinds of communication and often you just don’t have the time or the budget for strategic meetings, briefs or to brainstorm ideas. You just need to get the production going.


But you can’t broadcast something without an idea of what you want to achieve, right? That’s like building a house without a blueprint. We used to believe that wasn’t possible.


Mbrace is a production company, not an agency


Over the years we have tried several different methods to figure out how to really help organizations with fast, hands-on service that is also strategic and aligns with their goals.


If you are reading this, perhaps you work with communication. While collaborating with professionals like you in communication departments in a wide range of industries, it has became clear that we share this challenge.


You need to make sure that the communication effort is worthwhile and that it aligns with your organization’s goals. You have to act both hands-on and strategic and most of the time you need to start yesterday.


How do you do that?


Well, we came up with a method to tackle this challenge. If you’re interested in hearing about it we’d be happy to share. Just enter your e-mail adress below and we’ll reach out to you.

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